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Will Smith breaks down the ‘historic generation gap’ between him and his kids

Asked what he’d ask his younger self, he previously said: “Will in his twenties wasn’t listening to nothing that nobody had to say, so I wouldn’t tell his dumbass nothing. But there were certain qualities that I had in my twenties that I have been trying to recover in the last couple of years. So my birthday last year, I did bungee jumping out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon.

“And even a part of that foolishness was trying to get rid of the fear that I had taken on as I became more successful. I didn’t become more brave. I became more fearful as I got older.

“So young Will was wildly courageous to the level of foolishness.

“But I would want to ask my younger self about the source of that courage because I’ve actually lost touch with that source. I have to manipulate it a little bit more than I used to.”

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