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Amber Guyger wants to dodge prison after being convicted of killing Botham Jean

Former Dallas police officer and convicted murderer Amber Guyger. (Image source: Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office)

Amber Guyger apparently does not want to do the time after being convicted for the crime of murder. The former Dallas cop was convicted of killing Botham Jean and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

However, Guyger filed a notice of appeal of her conviction and sentence to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The notice does not specify the grounds for an appeal.

Guyger was convicted a day earlier of murder in the fatal shooting of Botham Jean, 25, in September 2018.

Guyger initially claimed that she thought she walked into her apartment, which was one floor below Jean’s when she encountered him.

During the trial, Jean’s younger brother, Brandt Jean, forgave Guyger and gave her a hug. Judge Tammy Kemp also faced backlash after she hugged Jean and presented her with a Bible.

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