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Hair ‘Growth Guru’ Whitney Eaddy shares tips for healthy tresses

October 25, 2019   |  

Cassidy Sparks

Cassidy Sparks

The Growth Guru, Whitney Eaddy (Photo by: Rita Wortham)

Whitney Eaddy is a healthy hair enthusiast who is better known as the “Growth Guru.” With over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, Eaddy has helped countless Black women by restoring life to troubled hair. She is trusted for her honest and ethical techniques when advising and styling curls, kinks and coils.

Eaddy has also cultivated several product and service brands aimed at healthy haircare. Those brands include; Growing Hands, luxury natural hair care salons, Silken a line of healthy hair protection accessories, NaturalU Healthy Protective Styling and JuicesNBerries, a hydration hair therapy process.

Rolling out spoke with Eaddy about her career and advice she has for women and their natural hair.

How have you built your brand as the hair Growth Guru?

I’m terrible at traditional networking. I’ve built everything this far purely from social media and word-of-mouth. Nothing has gone viral, I’ve never paid for sponsorships or celebrity endorsements. I’ve personally done all of my marketing and social media until this point. I do have a background in sales, marketing, PR and recruiting which helps. I’m also very hands-on and particular about my aesthetic, brand identity and visuals.

Client progress from the Growth Guru. (Photo by Whitney Eaddy)

Click continue to see the Growth Guru’s healthy hair tips.

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