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Actress Letitia Wright only wants ‘progressive’ roles

Letitia Wright (Image source: Instagram – @letitiawright)

Letitia Wright described roles that she’s interested in.

The Black Panther star feels it is important that she practices what she preaches and only accepts acting jobs if she feels they are “meaningful.”

“Early on, I would just say no if the roles weren’t progressive for myself or my community. You are told there’s not much for you. I just ignored it and I’m still ignoring it. I want to work with anyone who has something to say. If it’s meaningful and serves a purpose, I’m up for it.” Wright told the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine:

The actress rose to fame in the role of Shuri in Black Panther and she admits the success was “overwhelming” for her.

“I didn’t expect that response to the film. It was doing something that wasn’t done before and it represented the African diaspora. It also took the idea that an all-Black cast cannot make this amount of money and slapped it in the face … I hadn’t seen a young Black girl like [Shuri] in so long. They’re very few and far between. A lot of girls related to Shuri and I’m really proud of that.”

The 26-year-old actress admits she is desperate for an all-female Marvel film along the lines of the all-female battle sequence in Avengers: End Game.

“It was a beautiful moment. We spent most of the time trying to convince the producers that we should get an all-female Marvel film. After every take we’d be like, ‘Did you see that? We don’t need the guys!'”

The December issue of Harper’s Bazaar is on sale now.