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The top 10 scariest and most legendary Black horror villains

A scene from Jordan Peele’s “Us” (Movie still from Universal Pictures)

Today is Halloween and time for rolling out’s annual countdown of the best Black horror films for viewing on this holiday. Here’s our list of fright night faves for viewing with friends and ghouls.

1.The Candyman (Candyman)

Tony Todd’s portrayal of the terrifying “Candyman” has horrified audiences since its release in 1992. The story follows graduate student Helen Lyle who accidentally summons the Candyman while researching local legends in her town. The film will be rebooted in 2020 with Jordan Peele directing and producing the remake.

2. Blacula (Blacula)

The ’70s blaxploitation horror film was a game-changer for Black representation in the genre of horror. The film showed how Black people could be prominent characters in horror films rather than playing stereotypical roles. William Marshall starred as Blacula, an African prince who is bitten by Dracula in the 18th century, then awakened in ’70s Los Angeles to terrorize unsuspecting citizens.

3. The Tethered Family (Us)

Jordan Peele’s Us was one of this year’s creepiest films. The idea of having an evil zombie-like doppelganger is a frightening subject to see on screen. There have been rumors of a possible spinoff or sequel to the film. So, audiences should be prepared to be scared by the tethered in the future.

4. Jimmy Bones (Bones)

Who better to play a ghost reawakened after being murdered 20 years ago and goes on a vengeful, murderous rampage … none other than Snoop Dogg. Audiences still find the character to be fearsome, and having the Blaxploitation sex symbol, Pam Grier, co-star made the movie even more memorable.

5. Mr. Simms (Tales from the Hood)

The spine-chilling anthology film tells four different tales of horror which include messages of racism, police brutality, abuse, and other social topics. The movie was the catalyst for films like Get Out and Us. The scariest aspect of the movie is Mr. Simms (Satan) narrating the stories.

6. Maximillian (Vampire in Brooklyn)

Vampire in Brooklyn is a film that has received many mixed reviews. Some audiences find it spectacular, and others believe it is one of the worst Eddie Murphy movies of all-time. However, the character of Maximillian is undoubtedly one of the spookiest Black horror villains ever.

7. Dr. Hess Green (Ganja & Hess)

This 1973 classic featured Duane Jones, who was prolific in the advancement of Blacks in the horror genre when he starred as the main hero in the original Night of the Living Dead. Jones becomes a vampire when he is stabbed with a supernatural knife and spreads terror among citizens.

8. Abby (Abby)

Abby is the story of a marriage counselor who becomes possessed by a sexual demon and begins to murder men through sex. The film was labeled as a ripoff of The Exorcist, but either way, Abby is still a petrifying character, especially to men.

9. Temptress (Def by Temptation)

Def by Temptation is very similar to Abby. The temptress seduces men and murders them. Again, a horrifying woman, no one wants to mess with.

10. Baron Samedi (Sugar Hill)

Baron Samedi is the Lord of the Dead. There is nothing more sinister than a title like that. Sugar Hill tells the story of how an ambitious young photographer sells her soul to right a wrong and kill the gangsters who murdered her boyfriend.