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Lizzo opens up about her anxiety

Lizzo opens up about her anxiety
Lizzo at Glastonbury Festival 2019 (Photo credit: Bang Media / Dawn Fletcher-Park)

Lizzo reveals that she suffers from anxiety and describes what it’s like at its worst.

The “Juice” hitmaker has said she often gets anxious before she’s due to perform but doesn’t let her nerves get the better of her, as she uses them to make her a better artist.

She told British Vogue magazine: “When I get really, really anxious before a show, I just go harder and harder and harder when I’m performing and I just go crazy. I don’t know why, but my anxiety sometimes fuels who I am as a performer and who I am as an artist — and I know that is not the case for everyone. I don’t know if my body just, like, out of a desperate need to find a place for my anxiety or find a use for it, takes it and puts it there.”

Lizzo is thankful success is coming her way in her 30s because she doesn’t think she’d be able to cope with the spotlight if she was still in her 20s.

The 31-year-old beauty said: “I think if I was 21 right now, I would not be able to maintain this lifestyle without having major anxiety and panic attacks. But thank God, my journey is all about self-care and finding that love for yourself and nurturing yourself. Because that’s what artists need more than anything.”

The “Truth Hurts” singer also spoke about her childhood and said she didn’t have anyone to look up to in the media that looked like her.

“I would watch things on television and I would look at magazines, and I would not see myself. When you don’t see yourself, you start to think something’s wrong with you. Then you want to look like those things, and when you realize it’s a physical impossibility, you start to think, ‘What the f— is wrong with me?’ I think that took a greater toll on me, psychologically, growing up than what anyone could have said to me.”

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