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Teacher blasted for forcing students to be slave traders for class assignment

(Photo credit: / Javier Renes)

Another teacher has found an offensive way to introduce the history of slavery to impressionable young students. The incident took place at Blades Elementary School in Oakville, Missouri, according to KTVI.

The unnamed elementary school teacher created a question on a class assignment asking students to imagine they own a plantation and are seeking new workers to work the field.

Students are then directed to set a price for a slave in an attempt to address market practices.

Parents of students were infuriated by the assignment and the local NAACP chapter representing Oakville, MO has called for an investigation. Blades Elementary School principal, Jeremy Booker, issued this statement”

“This weekend, I became aware of an assignment that was provided to fifth-grade students in social studies,” Booker wrote. “The assignment, which was completed during class time, attempted to address market practices. As part of both the Missouri Learning Standards for fifth-grade social studies and the fifth-grade Mehlville School District curriculum, students were learning about having goods, needing goods and obtaining goods, and how that influenced early settlement in America.

“Some students who participated in this assignment were prompted to consider how plantation owners traded for goods and slaves. The teacher has expressed significant remorse. The district is continuing to investigate this event. Also, I am working with district leadership to provide all Blades teachers and staff with professional development on cultural bias in the near future. We are working together to ensure all students and families feel valued and respected at Blades Elementary.”