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Crown Royal teams up with celebrity designer for an exclusive collection

Crown Royal Blazer (Photo provided by: Crown Royal)

If you’re a whiskey connoisseur you’ve more than likely heard of and indulged in the luxurious Canadian brand, Crown Royal.

The whiskey company is now creating a royally inspired fashion to match its luxurious brand identity.

Crown Royal has partnered with celebrity designer ALBA for an exclusive collection.

ALBA is comprised of a team of visionaries, designers and master tailors who deliver the highest quality of bespoke clothing for elite professionals in sports, business and entertainment.

The unique partnership produced a one of a kind Crown Royal Blazer inspired by the Crown Royal Extra Rare which is the brand’s rarest whiskey.

The sophisticated hand-stitched blazer has the same character as the rare whiskey which came from the now-closed LaSalle Distillery.

The navy blue velvet blazer has a gold silk lining and Crown Royal crown on the breast pocket.

Crown Royal Blazer (Photo provided by Crown Royal)

Because this is a made to measure blazer, once you purchase, Crown Royal Consumer Care will reach out to collect your custom measurements via email.

This bespoke blazer was designed as a collector’s item for the modern, elegant individual and is only available in limited quantity.

If you are interested in purchasing the Crown Royal Blazer there are only three available for purchase and they are retailing for $1924.00 on their website, www.//

Crown Royal Blazer (Photo provided by Crown Royal)