5 Black women share what sisterhood means to them

5 Black women share what sisterhood means to them
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Sisterhood is valued by Black women. Sisters — biological and unrelated — are the people you celebrate good times with, cry through the bad times with, laugh at your flaws with, and the people who cheer you on like you’re Beyoncé. Sisters are the people you can talk to about anything when you can’t talk to your mom or your significant other, a sister understands. Without sisterhood, we’d be trying to figure out life on our own. We spoke with Black women about what sisterhood means to them.

Tekeya Priester – “Sisterhood means to me women working together to uplift each other, empower each other and bring out the best in each other.”

Chantel Miller – “Sisterhood is unconditional support, accepting people exactly where they are and then contributing to what they have and building them. That’s what I say sisterhood is.”

Jasmine Bell –  “Sisterhood means to me it’s family, it’s love, it’s support and it’s people who always have your back.”

Hailey Briscoe – “It means saying yes when others may not or maybe just recognizing the support and how essential that is and coming together. Things like this [Essence and Target Holiday Market] honestly is sisterhood.”

Jasmene Bowdry – “Sisterhood to me means lifting each other’s crowns, supporting one another, and helping a sister out when you see that she needs it. Most importantly just being there for one another.”

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