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Dame Dash pulls receipts after woman accuses him of sexual assault

Photo credit: Steed Media

Dame Dash is fighting back against accusations that he sexually assaulted a woman. The former record label executive responded to a $50 million lawsuit that claimed he forced himself on a woman without her consent.

Dash allegedly hired Monique Bunn to shoot photos in April 2019. Bunn stayed with Dash and his family at their Los Angeles home. On April 19, 2019, Bunn claimed that Dash allegedly went into the room where she was sleeping and sexually assaulted her.

“While Bunn was sleeping, Dash approached Bunn and placed his hand on Bunn’s breasts and placed hands/fingers on Bunn’s buttocks. Dash did not have permission or consent to touch Bunn’s sexual organs. Dash was wearing a robe and had no underwear on. Dash had been drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana all day,” the lawsuit states.

The alleged groping caused Bunn to wake up and she noticed Dash wearing a robe without underwear.

However, Dash pulled receipts in the form of a video recorded while Bunn was in his home. According to the video, posted on Dash’s Instagram page, Bunn stole money from Dash and his family.

In the video, Dash’s fiancée, Raquel Horn, told Dash that she sent Bunn to the store to pick up two hard drives for the photos she was taking for Dash’s clothing company, Poppington. Hard drives usually retail for $100 or less. Bunn was given a credit card by Dash and Horn to purchase the items. When she returned, Dash discovered that Bunn allegedly purchased a $3,000 iPad, 256GB iPhone, CD reader and a few other accessories. Dash said the total amount was around $5,000.

In the video, Dash can be seen yelling at Bunn to leave his home and that he would ship her items. Bunn left the home while also yelling at Dash.

Dash believes the lawsuit is just an extortion attempt and nothing more.

“This is what setting up a black man looks like live … first they come into your house, then they try to rob you … when they get caught they try to make a good guy look like a bad guy … then try to extort you,” he wrote in his Instagram caption.