Brent Nahshon explains his relationship on ‘Ready to Love’

Brent Nahshon explains his relationship on 'Ready to Love'
Brent Nahshon (Photo by Christal Jordan for Steed Media)

Brent Nahshon was one of the remaining bachelors on OWN’s Atlanta-based reality show “Ready to Love.” Although he was a favorite with the ladies watching the show, he didn’t appear to be a priority with his favorite girl, Alexis.

After the season ended, Nahshon and Alexis appeared to be in a good place even though her focus even at the reunion was still very much on the other guy. The two remained a united front at the reunion show, insisting they were dating, although Nahshon seemed surprised when Alexis suggested they were “together.”

What is your status today? Are you in a relationship or dating? 

I’m single. One hundred percent single.

You seemed surprised when Alexis said the two of you were together at the reunion. Were you?  

Honestly, yes. We had been having some issues leading up to the reunion show, but we agreed to have each other’s back[s] at the reunion. Our plan was to say that we were dating, so yeah, when she said that, it threw me off because that’s not what we talked about.

Many viewers felt you were Alexis’ second choice the entire time. Did you feel that way?

No, because there was a lot the cameras didn’t show. I’m an alpha male, and I would never be a second option. I went out with a lot of the ladies on the show. Alexis and I had great conversations. I ‘m a sapiosexual, so I am attracted to women [who] can intrigue me mentally. I had the best conversations with Alexis, so that’s why I was focused on her.

There was a lot of confusion with Devyne, Alexis and London at the cabin. What did you think when you watched that scene play out on television?

There was so much going on at the cabin, and my intent was to show Alexis that I really had her back. When London walked up and asked to speak to her, I didn’t hear her say yes. If I’d heard that, I would’ve stepped away and let them have their time.

How did you feel when you watched Alexis and Divine going back and forth about London in the scene with Nephew Tommy

To be honest, I didn’t like it. Of course, I didn’t know all that was going on so that may have made me feel different if I’d seen it.

In hindsight, is there anyone you wish you would’ve given a little more attention to on the show?

Divine. I had fun with Devyne. I wish I would’ve gone on another date with her to see where it could’ve gone.

What’s next for you?

Darin and I have teamed up to form a company [called] CFT [Celebrity Fit Tour]. We are going to go from city to city, hosting health [and] exercise events. It’s for anyone who is interested in health and committed to a healthier lifestyle. I also have a clothing line coming out.

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