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Why Lionel Richie wished ‘lots of failure’ on his daughter Sofia

Lionel Richie (Image source: Instagram [email protected])

Lionel Richie wished “lots of failures” on his daughter Sofia.

The 70-year-old singer insisted he’s never sugarcoated how tough life in showbusiness can be and when the 21-year-old aspiring actress first expressed an interest in a career in the spotlight, he warned her expectations would be high because of his own success.

He said: “I told her, ‘I wish you lots of failures, young.'”

Speaking to reporters at an “American Idol” event, he said, “We’re in a business where it’s how you recover and ‘yes, yes, yes’ does not feel terrible, so you have to get smacked in the face.

“I said, ‘You’re going to have a little bit more of a different time because you’re coming from a family where they expect a little bit more.'”

The “American Idol” judge also recalled how his older daughter, 38-year-old Nicole Richie “froze” when she was competing in a talent show and was introduced with a link to her famous dad.

He said: “When Nicole was about four years old, she went on a talent show. She’s about to go on to do her little act and they said, ‘And now we have Lionel Richie’s daughter’ and she froze. She said, ‘Dad I don’t want to be here.’

“I remember that being, what a terrifying moment.”

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