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1st look at Jordan Peele’s remake of ‘Candyman’ horror film (video)

Jordan Peele (Photo: A.R. Shaw for Steed Media)

On just Jordan Peele’s fourth film, the comedian-turned-horror movie master, has become a bonafide and bankable box office superstar.

The Oscar-winning Peele, who won his Academy Award for best original screenplay for Get Out, has now excavated the classic horror film Candyman — and he even delivers a spooky version of Destiny’s Child “Say My Name” as a chilling companion piece to the gory, blood-drenched flick.

Much like the groundbreaking 1992 film Candyman that featured a Black serial killer on the rampage, the film centers around a housing community. This time, the area has been gentrified to give it a modern reality.

Candyman features visual artist Anthony McCoy, played by Yahya Abdule-Mateen. Anthony yearns for stardom so badly that he paints several versions of Candyman, thus unwittingly releasing the killer from another dimension to continue his murderous rampage.

Fans will immediately notice that the movie features a dark and chilling version of Destiny’s Child 1999 blockbuster hit, “Say My Name.” Director DaCosta, who joined Peele and Win Rosenfeld on writing the script, said that using the song for the film seemed like a natural fit.

Check out what DaCosta means as you watch the clip of the horror film Candyman, which will debut on June 12, 2020.