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CEO Keeana Barber hosts 4th L.E.G.A.C.Y. Awards Gala to champion Black business

What are the top three lessons you have learned while running your business, and why?

The top three things are:

1. Customer service.

It’s the most important aspect of marketing. No amount of marketing dollars can fix a bad reputation. Work on the culture of your company and the service you give, and the people will come to you.

2. Know your numbers.

When I started out, I priced things based on if I would be the only one working for my company. I mimicked my competition’s prices. I didn’t really break down what I needed, not just in sales but in profit.

3. Give back.

Everything that I have ever given to someone I have gotten back 10 times. The universe is reciprocal. If you are only taking from the world, you leave room for nothing to be given back to you.

What can people expect at this year’s gala?

People can expect to have an amazing time. We bring out the best and brightest, and they come ready to network and celebrate with each other. This year, we have over 15 Black restaurants featured. We have amazing honorees this year including [Cook County] State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. Finally, they can expect to be inspired.

For ticket information, visit, and view footage from previous years below.

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