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J. Prince slams Megan Thee Stallion and Roc Nation for naming him in lawsuit

Megan Thee Stallion at the 47th Annual American Music Awards (Photo credit: Bang Media)

The morning that Megan Thee Stallion appeared on the nation’s most popular sports show, ESPN’s “First Take,” her new nemesis, music executive J. Prince, blasted her on Instagram for naming him in her lawsuit.

Hours before Megan, 25, promoted her new album, Suga, during her interview with Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman, J. Prince, 55, roared at both Megan and Roc Nation. Megan alleges that J. Prince employs “intimidation” and “bullying” tactics to keep artists in line.

J. Prince, who was born James A. Smith in Houston, is furious that he was named in the lawsuit Megan filed against 1501 Certified Entertainment, the music label owned by J. Prince’s close friend Carl Crawford, 38, a former baseball star and father of reality star Evelyn Lozada’s child.

J. Prince considers Roc Nation and other major labels to be poachers who routinely pillage independent labels of their rising stars. J. Prince accuses Roc Nation of manipulating Megan Thee Stallion into believing she’s being exploited and that she should seek a better deal.

“These record labels and managers don’t want s— to do with these artists until the hard work, risk, sacrifices and resources have been spent by the little guys,” J. Prince said in a long IG tirade.

“This is the same technique of the culture vultures. I didn’t allow this to happen to me when New York and LA record labels attempted to take my artists, so they labeled me as malicious for fighting back. I didn’t allow it then, so I damn sure ain’t gonna allow it to happen to 1501 Records or any of the other independent record labels that I’m associated with.”

J. Prince also accuses Megan — whose full name is Megan Jovon Ruth Pete — of making unfounded accusations that she is in a bad contract, which he says Megan’s mother read before signing.

“Any artist in the music industry will testify that a 40 percent profit share is a great deal, especially for an unestablished artist that till this day has never delivered an album,” he said.

“To end this I give credit to where credit is due,” he added. “Megan along with her mother, who evidently could read, God rest her soul, negotiated a good deal.”