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Why NFL players will no longer be suspended for smoking marijuana

Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles Sept 14th on the field Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media

The NFL will be entering a new day in terms of drug policy. On March 15, the NFL released details of its new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), according to ESPN.

The new CBA will relax the previous rules on drug testing with regard to marijuana. Testing will be narrowed from four months to two weeks at the start of training camp and reducing the number of players who are subjected to testing.

The deal will also increase the level of THC that qualifies as a positive test. Previously, 35 nanograms of carboxy THC per milliliter of urine was considered positive. That number has been increased to 150. The NFL has also reduced penalties and will eliminate suspensions for players who test positive.

In the past years, players such as Josh Gordon, Martavious Bryant, Randy Gregory, and Darren Waller were all suspended due to testing positive for marijuana.

Moreover, the new CBA will stipulate that “a neutral decision-maker” will now rule on disciplinary tests. As a result, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will no longer be the judge and jury when it comes to suspensions and disciplining players and coachers.