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Atlanta strip clubs shut down to help prevent spread of coronavirus

Dancers at Yo Gotti’s The Art of Hustle event at Magic City in Atlanta on Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015 (Photo by Sistarazzi for Steed Media Service)

Atlanta strip clubs are viewed by many as national treasures. Since the 1980s, the strip club industry has helped to fuel the city’s popular music industry.

“We are the ‘doorway’ to a possible start to their career,” said DJ Merci, who has served as a DJ at several strip clubs around Atlanta. “We are the A&Rs. We are the ones who all the new and known artists come to break their music. The strip club is where a lot of people go to hear new or unknown hot music and the DJs determine all. It’s based on my crowd. If they like it, I continue breaking.”

On May 16, Magic City, a staple in Atlanta since the early 1980s, decided to close its doors as a precautionary measure to fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

“Out of an abundance of precaution and concern for the safety of our employees and guests Magic City will suspend operation until further notice, the club is closed,” Magic City posted on its Instagram page.

Followers of Magic City’s social media pages responded with mix reviews.

“When strippers don’t have jobs it’s a d–n emergency,” @kobe_world wrote.

The closing occurred one day after Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms banned gatherings of 250 or more people. It’s possible that she could reduce the number to 50.

Other popular Atlanta area strip clubs such as Cheetah and Pink Pony have also shut its doors.