Atlanta strip clubs shut down to help prevent spread of coronavirus

Atlanta strip clubs are viewed by many as national treasures. Since the 1980s, the strip club industry has helped to fuel the city’s popular music industry. “We are the ‘doorway’ to a possible start to their career,” said DJ Merci, who has served as a DJ at several strip clubs around Atlanta. “We are the […]

Lil Nas X explains why he looked bored at the strip club with Lizzo (video)

Lil Nas X and Lizzo celebrated their magical experiences at the 2020 Grammy Awards by hitting up a Los Angeles strip club late Sunday night. In an Instagram Live video that was posted by Lizzo and was captured by The Shade Room, Nas (real name Montero Lamar Hill) and Lizzo (born Melissa Viviane Jefferson), were […]

Billy Porter describes night out at Atlanta strip club with Tiffany Haddish

Actor and fashion icon Billy Porter is having the time of his life, including spending time with his Like a Boss co-star, Tiffany Haddish. But Porter admitted that Haddish was upset when he ate her food during a recent dinner party with his “bare hands” because she’s a “germaphobe.” The 50-year-old actor addressed the comedienne’s […]

Kanye West says strip clubs are another form of sex trafficking

Kanye West says he believes that strip clubs are equivalent to sex trafficking. West spoke at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, on Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019, where the controversial rap artist went on a rant about his thoughts about strip clubs. “They got posters advertising sex trafficking because, if there’s an advertisement for […]

Wendy Williams takes son on a racy field trip

Wendy Williams recently delivered an unorthodox life lesson to her son. Williams took her son to a strip club and taught him how to “make it rain.” The 55-year-old TV star has revealed the unique way in which she set about teaching her 19-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr., and her nephew a very unusual life […]

How 5 Black strippers became millionaires after facing discrimination

A group of five Black strippers became millionaires after facing discrimination. The incidents of discrimination occurred at a Mississippi strip club, according to The Associated Press. The Black strippers worked at Danny’s Downtown Cabaret and endured harassment from the managers who called them racial slurs. The managers also limited Black strippers from working during prime earning hours, which […]

Cop suspended for shady behavior with strippers

Apparently, in Denver, Colorado the police use of the National Crime Information Center(NCIC) database for personal reasons, is a common practice. The latest incident concerns Officer Shederick Dobbin, who has been caught for a second time using the database to look up strippers he was interested in dating. One of those women turned up dead […]

Food stamps for lap dances leads to Ohio strip club closing

Apparently, the struggle is real and the hustle is hard in Dayton, Ohio. Strippers are taking EBT cards and food stamps for lap dances. At least that is among a host of allegations that law enforcement is alleging after a five month investigation of a strip club known as Sharkey’s Bar. Agents of the Ohio […]

Cardi B beats down her husband’s side chick; mistress threatens to do this

Cardi B is said to be good with her “hands,” and she is apparently not hesitant to unleash them on her adversaries, especially against women she thinks were involved with her husband. The rumors that have been swirling furiously along the pop culture landscape that rap queen Cardi B, 25, put her paws on her […]

Fake news story about diarrhea outbreak at strip club goes viral

In the era of Donald Trump, the term “Fake news,” has taken on a new meaning. When it comes to Trump, he tends to believe that any news story that features negative press against him is “fake news.” As a result, reputable outlets such as The New York Times and Washington Post have caught backlash […]

Jimmy Bell, lawyer famous for defending strippers and celebs, dies at 48

When it came to strippers, there were few legal advocates like Jimmy Bell. The Maryland-based lawyer was renowned for dealing with diverse issues such as strip club regulations, civil rights and celebrity clients that included chef Timothy Dean, comedian D.L. Hughley, and Baltimore pastor Jamal Bryant. So it comes as a shock to many that […]

Strip clubs and booze lead to powerful Black general’s dismissal

When any officer, especially a Black one, reaches the rank of General, it is a milestone in their career that proves they are among the best in the nation. Now, one of the Army’s most promising commanders has thrown it all away after lies and conduct unbecoming of an officer. Ron Lewis had achieved the […]

Stripper avoids jail after her baby died when she left home to work at club

Leila Aquino will not have to serve time in jail after leaving her baby home alone while she went to work at a strip club.  According to reports by News 12 in Brooklyn, New York, Aquino put her two-year-old toddler to sleep on the night of Feb. 22 and left the child home alone. Aquino, 20, […]

Bow Wow slammed on social media

Bow Wow has been slammed on social media after he shared his plan to take Omarion to a strip club to help him get over Apryl Jones. The “Ice Box” singer announced his split from his long-term girlfriend with whom he has son, Megaa, 23 months, and daughter A’mei, 4 months, and Bow Wow wanted to celebrate […]

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa turn up at strip club after divorce settlement

Divorce can be an ugly thing. Especially when there’s money involved. It can turn lovers into enemies and enemies into heartless thieves. But every once in a while two people get it right. They part ways amicably and find a way to be friends. Best-case scenario, if children are involved, they learn to co-parent and […]

Woman locked her baby in hot car while she auditioned to be a stripper

A woman in Tennessee had desires to be a stripper, but put her child in harms way for the opportunity. According to WKRN, Kelsey McMurty, 24, was looking to earn extra cash and decided to become a stripper at Deja Vu Showgirls in Nashville. McMurtry was asked by managers at the club to audition on […]

Dad leaves baby in car for lap dance at strip club

There seems to be a disconnect from reality for some parents when it comes to children and their safety. Recently, a father in Los Angeles, identified as Auwin Dargin, 24, decided to take a break in his busy day by visiting the Synn Gentleman’s Club in North Hills. The only problem was he had his […]

Why an Atlanta-based strip club DJ allegedly hired a hit man to kill his wife

DJ Awesome was known as one of the top DJs in Atlanta’s thriving hip-hop and strip club scene. However, things began to change after he reported that he found his wife dead on Nov. 23. DJ Awesome, whose real name is Andre Pugh, called authorities and told them he discovered his wife, Tiffany Pugh, murdered in […]