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Summer Walker and boyfriend broke rule regarding domestic violence (video)

London On Da Track (Image source: Instagram – @londonondatrack)

Fans of singer Summer Walker were freaking out when her boyfriend, producer London on Da Track, was playfully choking her online but refused to release the grip when it appeared to cause her pain.

London on Da Track, 28, who was born in Memphis as London Tyler Holmes, can be seen looking into the camera as he held a tight grip around Walker’s upper neck. Despite the fact that the Atlanta-born Walker, 23, appeared to be grimacing and wincing in pain — and clearly verbalized this — London refused to let go of her neck even after she said ‘stop.’

“Stop it hurts, it’s supposed to be sexy, it hurts”, Walker said as she worked to get out of the grip. London refused to take his paws off her neck until she said she loves him.

“Say you love me,” he demanded. Even after she uttered the magic words, London did not release the grip on her neck for another few seconds.

Many Black Twitter users expressed discomfort and repulsion, not only at London’s actions but also at the fact that he proudly displayed it for fans to observe.

Walker, however, responded to the critics of the video to say London “was playing.”

Summer Walker (Image source: Instagram story – @summerwalker)

Black Twitter did not find the video funny and aired out its feelings about the matter. Here is a small sampling of the responses:


Others believe this episode could be symptomatic of something darker going on between the couple.