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Lidya Jewett gives her take on NBC’s ‘Good Girls’ and being born near Wakanda

Lidya Jewett gives her take on NBC's 'Good Girls' and being born near Wakanda
Lidya Jewett (Photo courtesy of Claudia Greene)

Since we have at least another month of social distancing left, there’s still time to get into NBC’s “Good Girls.” In its third season, the quirky drama about three moms who resort to crime for cash will have you rooting for bad behavior.

Thirteen-year-old Lidya Jewett plays the sassy yet intuitive Sara Hill, a kid who has no problem with shading her parents. Jewett is healthy in real life, but her character battles a chronic kidney disease requiring medication that costs $10K a month. She doesn’t know the details of how the adults cover the expense, but she knows that something is amiss.

“Sara is a very smart girl. She’s growing up, and she’s seeing that not everything is always good,” Jewett said. “She’s figuring out that some of the things they’re doing aren’t what they taught their kids to do.”

Lidya Jewett gives her take on NBC's 'Good Girls' and being born near Wakanda
Courtesy of NBC/Universal

The Nickelodeon alum is just as sagacious in real life, with an infectious energy that fills her TikTok clips. Her mom, Kim Jewett, said Lidya has always been this way. “We literally couldn’t make it down the walkway or to the store without people stopping us,” she recalled. “People would come up to us and they would say, ‘You need to put her in modeling, you need to put her in commercials.’ ”

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