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Iyanla Vanzant says pandemic offers opportunity to find inner vision

COVID-19 has affected more than just our money. We hear couples are breaking up. Domestic violence is up. What advice would you give to people dealing with these other effects of the pandemic?

COVID-19 didn’t create these issues, but it did bring them to the light. The relationships that are in trouble aren’t in trouble because of COVID, but it’s exposing issues that were already there.  This pandemic has shown us where we really are, and it’s given us an opportunity to go inside and make changes as needed.

How were you able to shoot “Fear Not” during the pandemic?

We shot everything here in my house. It was three of us here, my son and my manager, and we shot the entire series together. I had the studio here in my house, and I’ve probably only used it a few times, it was there just waiting for such a time as this. We had great conversations that are inspirational with people that are dealing with issues because of the pandemic and experts on certain topics.

Tune in for the premiere of “Fear Not” on Saturday, May 16, on the OWN network at 9 p.m. EST, when Vanzant and Winfrey will explore the root of fear and welcome gospel great Bebe Winans, a recent COVID-19 survivor.


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