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Russell Wilson shows off skills as he does daughter Sienna’s hair (video)

Russell Wilson and Ciara’s family (Image source: Instagram – @dangerusswilson)

While many dads struggle with doing their kids’ hair, Russell Wilson is making it known that he’s got it covered.

Ciara has nothing to worry about when it comes to her baby girl’s hair being taken care of if she’s away or needs a break as she showed on Instagram.

The 34-year-old singer shared a sweet video of her husband brushing her daughter’s hair.

She captioned the video “My Beautiful Black Man and My Beautiful Black Princess.”

In the clip, you can see Wilson carefully brushing his daughter Sienna’s hair into a ponytail.

Ciara, who is pregnant with her third child said, “Ooh, mama, daddy is doing so good,” as gospel music played in the background.

You can see the 4-year-old, who is wearing a light pink dress with a white tutu, squirming in her chair as her dad tries to perfect the style.

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Worship and Hairstyling #Sunday

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She also wanted to help out her daddy by offering him products to use on her hair, holding her pink hair tie and helping him put it on her ponytail.

While Wilson had already finished adding styling products, the little girl picks up a green bottle and says, “Daddy, what’s this one?”

Afterward, the “Goodies” singer gave her husband props for accomplishing the task.

“You did good babe! Yay!” she told him.

The adorable Sienna confirmed by shaking her head to show off her hairstyle with a big smile.

Fans of the couple’s love story flooded the comments.

One wrote, “Lord I see what you doing for Ciara. Help a sista out.”

Another posted, ” I am so in love with y’all’s energy! To God be the Glory!”

“Russell did well, mama SiSi is adorable sweet. Love this video,” posted yet another.