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Anthony Di’Angelo Ingram Jr. credits fatherhood for making him resilient

Anthony D. Ingram Jr (Photo credit: Harvey Pullings II @the79thstreetkid)

Anthony Di’Angelo Ingram Jr. is a father and rap artist known as D2G. The Chicago native and Columbia graduate speaks fervently about the responsibility of fatherhood. Rolling out spoke to Ingram about the type of legacy he would like to leave to his two children, what fatherhood has taught him about himself and the importance of men showing their emotions.

What legacy are you leaving for your children and the children of your community?

The type of legacy I would like to leave behind for my children is that of a man who was able to go after his dreams, despite whatever circumstances life tends to throw his way, and to successfully achieve those dreams.

How have these times affected the way you speak to your children with respect to racism?

I am a father to two boys. I just talk to them with the consideration of their ages, but I keep them well aware of what is going on in their environment. I try to preserve their rights to be kids. I don’t want to ever make them feel like I have rushed their growth due to how society works around them. I just do my best with my presence to assure that things will be OK.

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