Terry Crews blasted on Twitter after making up acronym for ‘C.O.O.N’

Terry Crews blasted on Twitter after making up acronym for 'C.O.O.N'
Terry Crews (Photo source: Instagram/@terrycrews)

Terry Crews remains undeterred by the torrential downpour of criticism he’s gotten in the past month for renouncing the Black Lives Matter movement and saying it could lead us into a state of “Black supremacy.”

The 51-year-old “America’s Got Talent” host logged onto Twitter on Wednesday, July 28, 2020, to try to put a positive spin on a word that he has been called by many fellow Black Americans this year. The hate directed at Crews also emanates from not backing former AGT host Gabrielle Union, and for admonishing Blacks to focus more on Black-on-Black crime instead of police brutality.

Therefore, to show that the word “coon” and all of its negative connotations can be flipped to represent something positive, Crews came up with this statement on Twitter.

Needless to say, Crews’ phrase was not received very well by the vast majority of the respondents, and they fired back at the muscular “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor with relentless aplomb.


One person said a Crews trade to the other team is mandatory at this point:

One fan questioned why Crews would even contemplate using such a word.

“Sir! Have You looked at the ACRONYM Of Your message/Thought/Movement. I love your work and Family values but do not agree with You on some of Your stances, But this Acronym is Not You. It’s an outdated Term used to tear each other down.”

Crews quickly responded to the Twitter follower: “I agree. That word is horrible. But I’ve learned to catch the lemons thrown at you, Make lemonade. Then make lemon bars. Make a lemon scented hand sanitizer, sell the rinds in the spice aisle for bbq lemon pepper wings then take the seeds and grow more lemon trees.”

Crews’ rationale for using “coon” in a tweet hardly helped to abate the trampling he’s getting on the social media platform, however.

Another responder mocked Crews with this acronym:

N—-s … Go to hell #terrycrews.”


Crews did have some supporters for his controversial tweet:


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