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Nikia Londy of Intriguing Hair helps women with hair loss regain confidence

Describe the hair extension market in Massachusetts. Do you have plans to expand?

I sell more hair extensions online outside of Massachusetts. I do have a really big customer base in Atlanta, and I also wholesale our hair as well. Boston’s population of Black people [is] only about 7 percent, which is not that big. Atlanta is definitely the hair capital of the world. I would love to have a location there. We looked into it before, but with COVID, some of our plans for expansion have decreased. We’re looking at Atlanta as well as Houston.

Tell us about the medical reimbursement option you offer your clients.

I have gone through an accreditation and credentialing process. As long as you have been diagnosed with some type of medical hair loss, we will have you fill out a simple form with our medical billing company, and then we send it off to the insurance company, and then they let us know exactly what you would qualify for. Most of the time the insurance company will pay 80 percent, and then you’re responsible for 20 percent. If you have Medicare or some type of Medicaid, the reimbursement is $350. It’s a very simple process. I want to make sure that we made it as simple as possible for them, especially since they’re going through so much emotionally.

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