Rapper Turk reveals he and Lil Wayne contracted STIs at the same time (video)

Rapper Turk reveals he and Lil Wayne contracted STIs at the same time (video)
Lil Wayne (Photo: Steed Media)

Rapper Turk, who first shot to fame through the Cash Money Records group The Hot Boys in the late 1990s, claims he and Lil Wayne contracted a sexually transmitted infection during a wild outing in Houston back in the day.

Turk admitted this embarrassing tale during an interview segment called “Off The Porch” on the Dirty Glove Bastard website. It was part of a comprehensive interview about the history of Cash Money and the formation of the groups within the New Orleans-based crew that revolutionized hip-hop music.

Turk, 39, who was born Tab Virgil Jr. in the Crescent City and also goes by the monikers “Young Turk” and “Hot Boy Turk,” was raw and uncut as he regaled the audience with this sordid and grimy encounter with female siblings one night.

“We caught crabs and everything together, you know what I’m saying? Like that was like my little brother, you feel me? We caught crabs from these two sisters from Houston, literally, you know? We were f—ing these two sisters, and we just got on the tour bus and n—-s was itching. They were like ‘man f— wrong with y’all?’ and I’m just itching and he’s like ‘You n—-s must got crabs!’ So, then we went to the Rite Aid or Walgreens and bought some lights with a lil comb and some cream and then we got to the hotel.”

After they returned to their hotel and disrobed in the bathroom, Turk said both were surprised at what they saw next.

“Scrubbed our lil hair, lil parts and man on the towel brother, the crabs was literally on that motherf—er like polka dots. And I was like, ‘Damn. That’s a real crab.’ It was real small, and I was like, ‘Damn. That’s really a crab!’

Worse, Turk snitched on Lil Wayne and the women in both their lives during his retelling of the story, which he perhaps could have kept to himself.

“So, we had to cut the pubic part, and we f—ed around and gave that s— to our baby mommas at the time. Wayne gave that s— to Toya [Johnson, the mother of reality star Reginae Carter], and I gave it to my baby moms. We was motherf—ing crab infested.”

Check out the salacious interview in full on the next page (NSFW)

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