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Music exec Jerry Clark shares feelings about sending son to ASU during pandemic

Jerry Clark Sr. hugs his son Jerry “J.C.” Clark Jr. goodbye inside his dorm on the campus of Alabama State University. (Photo provided)

Atlanta music executive Jerry Clark Sr. is a proud father. His namesake, Jerry Clark Jr., who is known to most as J.C., is a student-athlete and former high school baseball star who recently arrived at Alabama State University to begin his freshman year on a baseball scholarship.

Rolling out asked the elder Clark how he felt about his son going off to college and being nearly 200 miles from home in the midst of a global health crisis.

What three things did you emphasize to your son about his behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic?

I emphasized being smart, safe, wear your mask, but don’t live scared. Live life and stay COVID-free.

What thoughts ran through your mind as you left your child at ASU?

It was truly bittersweet. I was proud as a father to watch my son leave the nest, but I was truly sad as well. … I spend so much time with him it hurt to know that time would be decreasing a lot.

How often have you communicated with your son since he’s been at college?

I try to give him space and not smother him … let him grow. I’ll FaceTime him every couple [of] days.

What precautions did the school share with you?

Alabama State is doing a wonderful job of keeping their students safe. The baseball coaches expressed to me the safety precautions for their student-athletes, and that puts me at ease.

How would you say COVID-19 has affected your son’s freshman year of college while on a baseball scholarship?

Well, we don’t know yet. … Since baseball is a spring sport, they should have a season. Hopefully.