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Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders » Serial entrepreneur Chance Cessna shares how to level up during a pandemic

Serial entrepreneur Chance Cessna shares how to level up during a pandemic

Chance Cessna (Photo credit: CHB Photo)

Chance Cessna is an investor, a serial entrepreneur and a business coach. The Chicago native who once slept in her car now teaches people how to level up professionally and boost their income exponentially. She offers courses, VIP and private group training, and one-on-one executive coaching for companies and business owners.

Cessna has written several e-books, including How to Start A Home-Based Business, which offers tips on creating a business plan, developing a budget and more.

Rolling out spoke with Cessna about her journey to success and helping others achieve their goals.

What attracted you to entrepreneurship?

I was raised by a single father in Chicago. My dad was an entrepreneur trying to make ends meet. Seeing that day in and day out really planted that seed of entrepreneurship in me. I wanted to give my best and give my all in whatever it was that I was doing in life. That inspiration started with my father, and it carried me throughout high school, college and graduation.

How can people thrive financially during a pandemic?

If you look at business on a practical level, it’s all about supply and demand. In the type of economic market that we’re in today, there’s such a demand for certain types of resources, and one of those major resources or the niche that supports those resources is the business niche. Everyone is seeking to be an entrepreneur. People who were thinking about starting a business last year have moved to [the place where they’re telling themselves], “I need to start a business, and not only do I need to start, but I also have to build it online.”

With the pandemic, everything was closed except for the internet. So, you have to think about how can you capitalize on this opportunity of growing your brand online or monetizing your Instagram.

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