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Nigeria to castrate convicted rapists, give death penalty when victims are kids

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A state in Nigeria has decided to fight sexual abuse crime by implementing harsh punishments for those who are convicted. On Sept. 18, the New York Times reported that the state of Kaduna passed laws that would have severe repercussions for those who violate.

Men who are convicted of rape can now be subjected to surgical castration, while a woman convicted of raping a child faces the removal of her fallopian tubes.

Furthermore, men who care convicted of rape can be handed the death penalty for raping a child under the age 14, and a life sentence for raping an adult.

The laws were implemented to help reduce sexual violence as reported rape cases increased during the pandemic. From January to May of 2020, when most countries began to implement lockdown requirements due to COVID-19, there were over 800 rapes reported in Nigeria, according to the New York Times.

In a statement, “[These] drastic penalties are required to help further protect children from serious crime,” Gov. Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai said in a statement following the passing of the legislation.

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