Shaquille O’Neal does not want his daughters dating NBA players

Shaquille O'Neal does not want his daughters dating NBA players
Shaquille O’Neal (Photo credit: Splash news)

Shaquille O’Neal understands that the NBA lifestyle can, at times, lead to reckless behavior. When young men are given millions before the age of 25, some players will make immature decisions. The hectic travel schedule of NBA players could also lead to issues in terms of relationships.

When asked about what he would want for his daughters, Taahirah, 24, Amirah, 18, and Me’arah, 14, O’Neal was blunt about the possibility of them dating NBA players.

In an interview with Us Weekly, O’Neal was asked if he would want his daughters to date NBA players. He responded by saying, “probably not.”

He went on to say, “I want them to be fully educated or… fully independent. I want them to have most of those goals and once they get 18 on and they become little mini-adults, I’m not going to be the dad that says, ‘do this, do that’ [I’ll] guide them in the right path.”

O’Neal added, “In the perfect world, I’d like them to have a bachelors and masters and [be] going into their own field.”

O’Neal, who played in the NBA from 1992-2011, was married to Shaunie O’Neal from 2002-2011. The NBA Hall of Famer has six kids.

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