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How digital content leader Marcus Parker uses rehabilitation to change lives

Marcus Parker (Photo provided)

Marcus Parker, also known as Marcus “M-Positive” Parker, is an Air Force veteran, author and motivational poet, who has created digital content to motivate and heal people from past trauma. He currently conducts work-readiness training for special education students in Texas high schools under his agency, Motivation Rehabilitation. Prior to creating his agency, Parker consolidated all of his digital content through a new stress toy-smartphone replica, which includes a link to his digital library ( Parker recently shared more about his burgeoning business during a recent interview with rolling out.

Describe your role as executive director/president of your nonprofit organization.
I am the director of a small rehabilitation agency in the state of Texas. My company is contracted through the state of Texas to bring work-readiness training to special education students in public schools. My role as a trainer is to build knowledge and confidence to my students.

What is the vision and mission of your nonprofit organization?
The mission of my company is to bring quality work-readiness training to students in North Texas, preparing them for not only a successful work-life, but also a confident and motivated personal life.

How would you best describe your leadership style?
I would say that I have a coaching leadership style because I believe that everyone has additional potential and with the right motivation, I think that potential can be activated.

How do you use technology in your day-to-day operations to benefit your nonprofit organization?
I currently do all of my online training using Zoom.

Finish the sentence: Teamwork is important to a nonprofit organization because… Everyone has to work on one accord to get things done.

If you were giving a speech to inspire other leaders of foundations, charities and nonprofit organizations in your community, what would be the title of your speech? Why?
“We have to bring out the best in others” — I would make that my title because I think that everyone has so much to learn from each other. If we could focus on our true talents and learn to cultivate them, I think the whole world would be a better place.