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News » Donald Trump becomes the 1st POTUS to be impeached twice

Donald Trump becomes the 1st POTUS to be impeached twice

Donald Trump (Photo credit: SRK / Splash News)

During a rigorous process that eventually saw a resolution of 232 to 197, the House of Representatives just voted to impeach Donald Trump for a second time.

While there was plenty of pushback from a number of members of the GOP, ten republicans voted to impeach Trump in an unprecedented vote.

The single article, “incitement of insurrection,” was the tipping point for the House, as the president was accused and found guilty of encouraging a mob to storm the doors of Capitol Hill in an effort to overturn the results of the election he lost.

According to CNN, the process for impeachment is a simple one based on the facts below:

  • A president commits “high Crime or Misdemeanor”
  • The House votes to impeach
  • The Senate conducts a trial

There will not be a trial before president-elect Joe Biden takes office on Jan. 20. However, the trial, carried out by the Senate, is expected to move forward once Trump leaves office.

As such, impeaching Trump does not remove him from office, nor would a Senate vote to convict him prevent another run at office in 2024 or beyond.

If two-third of senators were to cast votes to remove Trump from office, a majority group would have to approve another vote to prevent him from running for president again.

Being barred from office could eliminate a $200,000 pension for Trump, should the Senate go that route.

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