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5 books that will teach kids about Black history

5 books that will teach kids about Black history
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For many parents, the most difficult conversation to have with their kids is about the birds and the bees, however, Black parents also find themselves having to navigate complex discussions about race. African American history is rich with moments of celebration and tragedy, and it can be difficult to explain these realities to a child. Luckily, many Black authors are stepping up to the plate, breaking down the historical truths of the Black experience in America for all ages.

Check out five books that will teach your child about Black history.

1.  Bud Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis

5 books that will teach kids about Black history
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Christopher Paul Curtis’ Bud Not Buddy follows the titular character Bud Caldwell, a 10-year-old boy living on the streets of Flint, Michigan, during the 1930s. Through Bud’s witty, first-person narrative, Curtis paints a vivid picture of a Depression-era America as seen through the eyes of a child. Smart beyond his years but inexperienced, Bud stumbles through issues of class and race, knowing that the world views him as somehow different but not fully understanding why. Young readers will find themselves learning about identity in America alongside Bud in Curtis’ award-winning novel.

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