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Kevin Hunter trashed for calling Wendy Williams an absentee mother

Wendy Williams and ex-husband Kevin Hunter during better times (Photo credit: / Lev Radin)

Kevin Hunter is feeling the wrath of Wendy Williams fans after he bodaciously said he and his mistress-turned-girlfriend helped save her son’s life because Wendy was too busy to mother him.

An avalanche of fan discontent dropped all over Hunter when he first flossed a photo featuring the hands of his girlfriend, Sabrina Hudson, on his Instagram page on Valentine’s Day.

Hudson was the mistress and the mother of Hunter’s love child after engaging in an illicit affair for many years. In fact, Hunter used the income earned from the Wendy Williams show and other businesses to fund Hudson’s lavish lifestyle, including a home, a luxury car and vacations. So fans already feel some kind of way about her.

Wendy Williams fans immediately began spraying Hunter with a torrent of criticisms because of the post.

“Disrespectful on every level is sleeping with another woman husband for years. Wendy told him to give his daughter a good education and keep her off the pole,” one fan penned in the comments section.

Fans say Hunter crossed the line when he insinuated that Williams was an absentee mother. “disrespectful is saying that after (his misstress) SAVED her sons life..where was she tho..hmmmm.”

That’s when fans took off after Hunter like missiles: “Y’all keep spending Wendy’s money lol don’t talk about her parenting scumbag.” Hunter then retorted with “unfortunately parenting is part of MARRIAGE..truth gonna hurt sis..I’m trying to keep it cool..GOD BLESS. plus she let world kno she hid IUD and didn’t even wanna try in is everything.”

Fans weren’t finished tearing off Hunter’s hide, with another person firing off on Hudson: “She is so ashamed of herself she wont even post a pic of herself. We all know who the real queen is WENDY.”

Hunter responded by saying, “when she’ll be madder…but thanks for your concern..and yes she is a queen..godbless.”

Hunter proved he is willing to spar with Williams’ fans, and her defenders were more than willing to oblige him.

“Imagine waiting 16 years to get only your hand posted. Sad,” another person chimed in. To which Hunter replied, “don’t worry ..when it’s you for watching.”