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LaKeith Stanfield calls Charlamagne names for criticizing his ‘Judas’ role

LaKeith Stanfield calls Charlamagne names for criticizing his 'Judas' role
LaKeith Stanfield (Photo credit: / Kathy Hutchins)

Critically acclaimed actor LaKeith Stanfield fired off at radio show host Charlamagne Tha God after he seemingly came for him during an interview this past week.

The latest skirmish in the growing feud between Stanfield and Charlamagne took place on “The Breakfast Club.” This time, Daniel Kaluuya was the guest when Charlamagne suggested coyly to Kaluuya that Stanfield played his snitch part too well in “Judas and the Black Messiah.

Kaluuya, who starred with Stanfield in the 2017 blockbuster horror film Get Out, immediately had Stanfield’s back against the Charlamagne shade. Kaluuya asked Charlamagne if his beef stemmed from Stanfield’s public criticisms of the alleged buffoonery that often plays out on the morning radio show.

“I never had an issue with him,” Charlamagne responded to Kaluuya about Stanfield. “I do feel like he was born to play this role, though.” Kaluuya retorted simply and sharply: “We’re not having that.”

Kaluuya said Stanfield actually had a very difficult time playing the role of the betrayer in “Judas and the Black Messiah” because that character, former FBI agent William O’Neal, is antithetical to who he is at his core. He added that Stanfield made the greatest sacrifice of anyone in the hit movie. Stanfield later admitted publicly that he had to seek psychological counseling after playing the film’s antagonist.

YouTube video

After Stanfield got wind of Charlamagne’s shade, he took to social media to blast Charlamagne in a now-deleted post, according to The Grio.

“H–s. This is what h–s do,” he wrote on Twitter. “Get sonned by reality. Get off me bro u a lame. Daniel ain’t an idiot. Leave me be dog and find somebody else @cthagod.”

The beef between Stanfield and Charlamagne stems from criticisms leveled at the morning show from Stanfield of its tendency to trample Black people more often than not. Charlamagne took exception to it and blasted Stanfield for his alleged hypocrisy. Stanfield then dissected Charlamagne, point by point, in this new YouTube video.

Flip the page to see Stanfield’s stance on Charlamagne in full.

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