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Nipsey Hussle planned to do an album called ‘The Spook Who Sat By the Door’

Nipsey Hussle (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Nipsey Hussle was ahead of his time while he was here on earth and according to revolutionary rap duo Dead Prez, the Los Angeles emcee had laid out a plan to take over the music game.

During an interview on the “Juan Ep Is Dead” podcast hosted by radio personalities Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg revealed that the Victory Lap rapper had already plotted out his next three albums to fulfill his then-new deal at Atlantic Records.

“So, Fast Forward, I have never really shared this. I had a conversation with Nipsey Hussle before he passed, maybe a year ago, actually a little bit before that,” explained “He had just solidified his deal with Atlantic Records. I had met him before through a friend Zayd Malik. We got on a jet and had a talk and he told me about what he had been trying to do up until that point as an independent artist. And how he wanted his situation to be with Atlantic” continued “He had made certain personal goals so he could partner with them. He wanted to talk to me about his three-album mission. Which was to do Victory Lap, another album, and then his third one, which was his last final one he would owe Atlantic, and call it The Spook Who Sat by the Door.

The Spook Who Sat by the Door is a 1969 fictional novel by Sam Greenlee that became a cult classic film in 1973.  It tells the story of a Black CIA agent who uses his years of training with the organization to leave and lead a bunch of teenage revolutionaries to overthrow the white establishment.

The “Hell Yeah” rapper also explained how Hussle loved their record “Let’s Get Free”  and wanted to add his twist on it for his generation and help bring about a revolutionary mindset to his listeners.

“He told me he wanted to redo “Lets Get Free.” He wanted our permission. … to sample and redo it for what he called “his generation” with all of the admiration he had for that record. We just had a heart to heart, back and forth, but obviously we didn’t get to go there, but I wanted to talk about the type of heart Nip had and where he was coming from, as it relates to that,” added.

In related news, Nip’s estate released The Marathon Live Visual Album on YouTube earlier this month. The digital documentary was put together by creative design company OkiDoki in close collaboration with Hussle’s family and The Marathon Clothing crew. The project also coincided with the tenth anniversary of the release of his career-changing mixtape The Marathon.

Check out the interview on the next page as dead prez talk more about Hussle and his impact on the rap game.

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