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Text expert Devshi Mehrotra is focused on fair criminal justice outcomes

Text expert Devshi Mehrotra is focused on fair criminal justice outcomes
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Devshi Mehrotra is the CEO and co-founder of JusticeText, a public-interest technology company focused on ensuring fairer, more expedited criminal justice outcomes through audiovisual evidence management software. She received her BS/MS in computer science from the University of Chicago and her MS in global affairs from Tsinghua University through the post-graduate Schwarzman Scholars fellowship. During her time in college, she was recognized by the Obama Foundation as an active community leader for her contributions to advancing gender and racial equality in STEM education across Chicago. Devshi has led applied machine learning projects at Google Brain, Microsoft Research, Peking University, and Stanford Law.

Mehrotra recently sat down with us for a CEO-to-CEO conversation where she provided insight about her leadership efforts and more.

Please describe your leadership style.

I want each and every individual I work with to feel a sense of ownership over a piece of JusticeText’s broader story, and so I try to cultivate an appreciation for our mission even before speaking to the priorities of our business. I also don’t believe in creating barriers between someone’s personal and professional self and want my teammates to be able to speak to me as both colleagues and friends.

What is your mission statement?

JusticeText uses technological innovation to strengthen the ability of public defenders to provide robust legal representation to low-income Americans.

What three skills are critical for the future executive you hire for your organization?


How do you utilize technology to benefit your organization?

I love using software like Notion, Slack, and Zapier to better organize my workflow and ensure that I am being the most effective leader I can be.

What are you reading now?

A Promised Land, Barack Obama

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