Biggie Babylon celebrates his culture and inspires with music

Biggie Babylon (Photo credit: William Houseman of Lens Access)

San Diego, Califorinia-based rapper Biggie Babylon has a different story than most. Babylon is of Chaldean heritage. He has transformed the work ethic he learned from his parents into a launchpad for his own life. His music is aspirational. He has been a staple in San Diego’s rap scene for over a decade and signed a deal with Universal Music Group in 2014. Rolling out spoke with Babylon about his heritage, the message he wants to convey and his most recent release “All In.”

How would you describe a Chaldean for those who do not know?

Chaldean people are direct descendants of the ancient people of Babylon. We speak a very old and dying language called Aramaic. It was the language that Jesus Christ spoke. A large majority of Chaldean people immigrated to the USA in search of business opportunities in the mid-1900s. We have large communities in Detroit, San Diego [and] Chicago. We pride ourselves in our heritage, traditions and entrepreneurship.

How does your culture inform your choices when it comes to your art?

I make art because I want to inspire the younger generation of Chaldean people to follow their dreams. My dad has been in the same liquor store for 50 years. I was raised to follow in his footsteps and run a small business to take care of my family. When I got robbed at gunpoint at my business, I knew that I had much more to offer the world … than becoming another statistic.

What message would you like to convey through your music?

The message I like to convey through my music is an inspirational one. If you stay consistent with your grind, keep putting out good content, and truly believe in your vision, then you can accomplish anything. My new music today shares my successes in life and business with the listeners.

Talk about your video “All In.” What is the intent behind it?

The video for “All In” is a metaphor of my journey so far. In the video, directed by Damien Sandoval, I am losing all my money to the owner of the underground casino that I am at. Surrounded by demons such as lust, alcohol, drugs, and haters, I end up broke. All I have left are jars of my blood, sweat, and tears, which I use to go “All In” and win it all.

Check out Biggie Babylon’s video for his song “All In” after the jump.

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