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Snoop fires off on billionaires looking to cash in on cannabis industry

Snoop fires off on billionaires looking to cash in on cannabis industry
Snoop Dogg (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Snoop Dogg has been a champion for the legalization of marijuana since he emerged on the scene in 1992 and now that the government has decriminalized the plant in many states, many billionaires are looking to cash in once the gates are fully opened. Snoop recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the booming cannabis industry, but believes a few wrongs must be righted first.

“It’s cool. For the government to actually allow us to make money off of it and not go to jail, but I just feel like they’ve got to really go back and release everybody that’s in jail [for] marijuana if you’re going to make it legal. Imagine if drug dealers — I call them street vendors — were able to position themselves [in today’s industry]. They would stand to gain a lot of money as well. It’s so hard for Black men, it’s hard for people with criminal records, to get licensed, to get dispensaries. They put so many different hurdles in front of us to where it becomes like an industry that’s not for us, but we do all the promoting of it, buying it and making it what it is,” explained The Chronic rapper.

Snoop also stated that there was line already in place and money shouldn’t allow you to bypass those fighting for the cause for years just to be greedy and make more.

“People are starting to understand what’s going on, just like in every other industry. Look at TikTok: All the Black creators don’t get paid, but the white ones get paid, and TikTok is now going to deal with the backlash of Black people saying, “We ain’t f—–g with y’all. Companies need to get their s—-t together, and the millionaires have to understand that when you jump into our world, you’ve got to compensate us. You can’t just steal our s–t and think we’re gonna sit back and take that. We ain’t that generation,” added Snoop.

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