Calvin Coleman explains why he centers the Black family on his new show

Calvin Coleman explains why he centers the Black family on his new show
(Photo courtesy of Calvin Coleman)

“The Coleman Show,” currently streaming on Amazon Prime and created by Calvin Coleman, is the story of a Black father who is an aspiring actor and Uber driver juggling the challenges of everyday life while pursuing his dream. The show is realistic and funny and provides the viewer with a perspective of Black life that is generally not highlighted in mainstream media.

Rolling out spoke with Coleman about his show, the importance of his portrayal of Black men and centering the Black family.

Talk about what inspired your show?

What inspired my show were personal experiences that I would share on social media as posts. Friends looked forward to stories that I would share. That, coupled with some created ideas and sketches that I would always dream about, helped craft some hilarious stories.

Why was it important to have a Black man as the lead character?

It’s important to have a Black male as the lead character in this series because there is enough content portraying the Black male under a stereotypical light. Showing a hard-working determined and loving Black father figure in a home, gives a different perspective.

Why is it important to center the Black family?

Centering the Black family is important because the Black family is the cornerstone of the Black community. This series, while funny, still sparks controversial conversations within homes that are not always addressed. Bringing families together in laughter and joy while raising awareness to social family issues in the Black community is valuable.

Talk about your creative process.

Creating “The Coleman Show” was an intricate process. L.A. Holts, our writer for the Coleman Show, developed the screenplay based on concepts and ideas I would throw at her. I would review and adjust and make any necessary changes or rewrites. Any time I’d have an idea or concept I’d record them in my phone and shoot to L.A. She is amazing.

What message do you wish to share with the public?

I would like to share with the public that there were a lot of sacrifices made to bring this show to light. I worked with such an amazing cast and crew that went above and beyond to help bring this show to audiences. Spreading the word about this show would mean the world to us.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of this process?

The most rewarding aspect of this process has been watching the final product and the reactions from our fans and supporters by far. Seeing our hard work bring joy to so many people brings joy to me.

What words of encouragement do you have for those who are in your field?

Words of encouragement for those in my field would be to chase your passions relentlessly. Don’t ever go through life wondering “what if.” If it’s in you, get it out.

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