Aisha Valentin shares her fire for the Art of Flavor movement

What are some of your favorite flavors in life?
I’m gonna go with passion. There’s just such a transparency when you work from your heart, no matter what you do, it’s going to touch someone else, as long as you’re working from that space of passion, which is why I feel like that fire, the element was so aligned. And I think that, like, our city is about that, you know, like, even just like watching the Bucks play. Like, it’s like, most people are just like, it’s just sports or whatever. But like, if, you know, you kind of understand that all the trials they’ve been through the playoffs and the finals and how, how much grit and passion that they come through, it is really a reflection of our city. Like it really is. And it’s really beautiful to watch and for it to bring all sides of our city together. You know, so passion is the number one flavor for me.

For more information on the Art of Flavor and for mural locations visit JD.COM/ARTOFFLAVOR and to find out more information on the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation, please visit

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