5 ways Dave Chappelle brought comedy back despite ‘The Closer’ fallout

Even as Chappelle told his truth, he reiterated multiple times that he did not have a problem with the LBGTQ community. Here are five ways he brought comedy back on “The Closer” by being brutally honest.

  1. He owned his transphobia — While people have a right to alter their bodies, is everyone supposed to be comfortable with it? If a man meets a woman at a party and she turns out to be a man, he has every right to be uncomfortable with that turn of events.
  2. He successfully compared DaBaby’s much-publicized shooting of a Black man to this unprecedented backlash over gay jokes — “In our country, you can shoot and kill a n—- but you better not hurt a gay person’s feelings.” He goes on to say “nothing happened to his career,” and it didn’t. But as soon as Da Baby voiced his feelings about homosexuals, he lost multiple opportunities to do his job.
  3. He once befriended a transgender woman from San Francisco — Chappelle offered a transgender woman, Daphne, multiple opportunities to open for him even though she sucked at the craft.
  4. He (jokingly) labeled himself a feminist — Chappelle claimed team “TERF” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) a group that argues trans women aren’t real women and compared their body parts to plant-based meat.
  5. He articulated on stage, in front of a live audience, what every heterosexual comedian wants to say. 
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