Dave Chappelle rips Will Smith for being fake before the Oscars slap

Comedic superstars Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock continued to rip into Will Smith at their latest sold-out show in Great Britain. While the two were onstage together in Liverpool, England, Chappelle and Rock recalled Smith’s infamous slap at the 2022 Oscars six months ago. Smith assaulted Rock after he made a joke about his wife […]

Chris Rock finally addresses the Will Smith slap (video)

After stewing over the humiliating slap at the 2022 Oscars for the past four months, Chris Rock has finally addressed former friend Will Smith. During his set at Madison Square Garden with co-headliner Kevin Hart, Rock “made a joke about Smith and the toxic “cancel culture.” He told the audience that “anyone who says words […]

Dave Chappelle was set to perform at iconic venue, then got canceled

Hours before Dave Chappelle was about to hit the stage for a stand-up performance in Minneapolis on July 20, the show was canceled. First Avenue, the venue that is famous for Prince’s “Purple Rain” performance, announced that the show wouldn’t be taking place there, but instead moving to the Varsity Theater. On their Instagram, the […]

Why Michael Blackson suggests comedians start wearing helmets

Michael Blackson wants to put an end to comedians being targeted. The Ghanian comedian told rolling out what he wanted to see at the 2022 BET Awards was no one getting slapped. Of course, Blackson was referring to the 2022 Oscars, when Will Smith stormed on stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock after he told […]

Why Dave Chappelle rejected naming high school theater after him

Preeminent comedian Dave Chappelle shocked folks when he rejected his alma mater’s desire to place his name on its performing arts theater. Chappelle, 48, said he was crushed by the blizzard of criticism from students when he visited them in November 2021. Many students reportedly protested naming the theater after him and spoke ill of […]

Dave Chappelle being honored by same high school that rejected him

In a reversal of events, comic legend Dave Chappelle is going to be honored by the very high school that rejected him in 2021. Chappelle’s alma mater in Washington, D.C., the Duke Ellington School of Arts, is going to name its theater after him just seven months after protesting the move due to some controversial […]

Mo’Nique settles lawsuit with Netflix

Mo’Nique has reached a settlement with Netflix, years after she sued the movie streaming behemoth for racial and gender discrimination. In 2019, the comedian filed the lawsuit alleging racial and gender discrimination and retaliation after Netflix’s relatively paltry offer of $500,000 for a one-hour special in 2017.  She and her husband-manager Sidney Hicks were insulted […]

Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock teaming up for a special show

Dave Chappelle is going to team up with fellow comic legend Chris Rock for an upcoming show. According to Live Nation’s website, tickets go on sale for a September show in London where Chappelle and Rock will perform together again Speculation has it that the collaboration was inspired after Rock joined Chappelle at the Comedy […]

Dave Chappelle attacker explains how he was inspired by Will Smith

Isaiah Lee, the struggling rap aspirant who rushed the stage during Dave Chappelle’s “Netflix is a Joke” comedy festival on May 3, 2022, explains that he was inspired by Will Smith’s smackdown of Chris Rock at the Oscars. The media reported ad nauseam on every conceivable angle of Smith’s purposeful strut onto the stage at […]

Dave Chappelle’s attacker explains why he stormed the stage (video)

The man who stormed the stage and tackled comedian Dave Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl provided his rationale for attacking the legendary laugh producer. Aspiring rapper Isaiah Lee, 23, was a blur that darted in from the right corner of the stage to hit Chappelle during the sold-out “Netflix Is a Joke” festival on May […]

Dave Chappelle’s attacker charged with attempted murder

Comedian Dave Chappelle’s alleged attacker will face charges after all. The man accused of tackling Chappelle onstage as he was concluding his set in Los Angeles on May 4 at the “Netflix Is a Joke” comedy festival was charged with attempted murder stemming from a December incident involving his roommate, according to authorities. Los Angeles […]

Dave Chappelle could possibly be sued by his attacker

In a scenario that defies logic, Dave Chappelle could possibly be the defendant in a lawsuit filed by the man who actually attacked him, a legal expert explains. A 23-year-old aspiring rapper named Isaiah Lee raced on stage and tackled Chappelle while he performed before a packed house at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday night. […]

Dave Chappelle expresses delight that security broke his attacker’s arm

Comic legend Dave Chappelle indicated he was very pleased that the attacker who stormed the stage at the Hollywood Bowl got broken up and beat down thoroughly by multiple security personnel. As Chappelle, 48, closed out his set of the sold-out “Netflix Is a Joke Festival” in Los Angeles on May 3, 2022, a 23-year-old aspiring […]

Man accused of tackling Dave Chappelle was inspired by Will Smith

The person who allegedly attacked comedian Dave Chappelle during a comedy show has been identitified. Isaiah Lee, 23, is the man who was shown on video rushing on stage and tackling Chappelle as the veteran comedian was exiting the Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl at the Netflix Is A Joke festival, reported radiofacts. A group of […]

Dave Chappelle tackled on stage, Chris Rock responds, attacker mangled (video)

Comedian Dave Chappelle, who seemed to court controversy in recent years, courted danger at his latest concert performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Chappelle was closing down his set during the “Netflix Is a Joke Festival” on Tuesday, May 4, 2022, when a man stormed the stage and tackled Chappelle, knocking him to […]

Idris Elba was the weed man to celebs

The Sonic the Hedgehog 2 star Idris Elba is “not proud of” helping himself earn a living by selling weed to certain high-profile clients after relocating to Hollywood. Elba sold weed to Dave Chappelle to support himself during the early days of his acting career in Hollywood. While on the “The Jess Cagle Show” on […]

Dave Chappelle producing 4 comedy specials for Netflix; critics pounce

Not only has comedic legend Dave Chappelle not been canceled by Netflix, his relationship with movie streaming goliath is stronger than ever.  Chappelle, 48, will host four upcoming comedy specials for Netflix titled “Chappelle’s Home Team.” The stand-alone shows will each feature a different comic, according to a statement obtained by Variety.  The first of […]

Dave Chappelle angrily opposes affordable housing in his city (video)

Superstar Dave Chappelle threatened the local city council that he would pull out tens of millions of dollars in investments if they voted to allow affordable housing to be built in his current hometown of Yellow Springs, Ohio. Chappelle announced during his personal appearance before the city council, which was captured on video on Wednesday, […]

Cedric the Entertainer says Dave Chappelle may cancel himself

Comedic great Cedric the Entertainer issued a warning to his industry comrade Dave Chappelle against believing that he’s beyond being canceled, which he feels would be dangerous and career-threatening. “Once you feel you’re ‘uncancelable,’ or if you think that’s what you’re fighting for, that’s the wrong approach to take… to saying something that you really […]

Dave Chappelle to open Netflix comedy festival in 2022

Fabled funnyman Dave Chappelle will headline one of a multitude of shows as part of Netflix’s comedy festival that will kick off in the spring of 2022. Chappelle, who is perched at the pinnacle of the American comedy scene, is the biggest name that will appear at “Netflix is a Joke” festival and will be […]