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Dr. B.K. Edmond discusses West African method for conducting breast self-exams

Dr. B.K. Edmond discusses West African method for conducting breast self-exams
Photo courtesy of The B. Edmond Project

Dr. B.K. Edmond is a board-certified anesthesiologist, author, and philanthropist. The master clinician is also the founder of The B. Edmond Project. The accomplished expert joined the rolling out discussion to raise breast cancer awareness and talk about the method he developed that shows women how to conduct a self-exam using West African art symbols for wisdom, versatility and greatness.

Dr. Edmond, what is the message and the goal behind the video?

The message and the goal behind that video was to try and come up with something that’s easy text for people that can teach women how to do breast self-exams. For years I’ve been [hearing] people tell folks, “hey it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, don’t forget to check yourself.” Or, they look at women and they assume that someone has sat them down and has shown them how to check themselves. … I found out that really wasn’t in place. One of the things that I wanted to come up with was … a  more easily approachable uplifting way to approach a breast self-exam. And it turned out that while … I  was in the process of writing a short story, you know, on Africa, one of my consultants Dr. Lauren Boling said, “Hey in your short story, you have to give a description of a breast self-exam”… the message from that video the message in the book is proper self-health and encouraging women to make a breast health plan as early as possible in their life.

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