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Tim ‘Smitty’ Smith explains how funny words turned into a book of puns

Tim 'Smitty' Smith explains how funny words turned into a book of puns
Photo courtesy of Timothy Lamont Smith

Tim “Smitty” Smith has always loved creating humorous ways of using words and phrases. Smitty says, “I love seeing other people laugh with me from something I said.”

Smitty decided why not share his humorous “play on words” with more than just friends and family. So, the Lexington native wrote a book of funny phrases entitled For a Pun Time Call Smitty

What is the story behind the title?

The title came from years of seeing writing on bathroom walls: “For a fun time call…” and a few times I was tempted to call the number to see what really would happen, even though I never did. Lol. I want my readers to look at the cover and title and to get that same wonderment to see what is inside my book.

In your opinion, why is it so important for people to laugh?

All of my life, I have experienced others being depressed, angry, and evil. Without laughter, I feel the world would only be about those aforementioned conditions and I have always been the opposite. So I love trying to change them in my own humorous way to help make someone’s day brighter.

What should readers and audiences expect from the book?

A different, humorous way of thinking about everyday life.

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