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Chubbs The Dreamer shares hilarious story of students discovering his music

Chubbs The Dreamer wants to make music in the genre he loves for his entire family. Chubbs’ Just Because EP that features the debut single “This Is It,” was released on Oct. 22, 2021, and he recently sat down with rolling out to talk about the importance of chasing his dreams and his love for hip-hop.

The first noticeable thing about your lyrics is the positivity. Who were some of your influences coming up in music? 

I like to call myself a gumbo because they put a little bit of everything in there. Ma$e is the one who made me want to rap. If you hear this new project, I have this song called “Friends,” and I love that bag he has in the sense of being vulnerable. Wale’s another one, J. Cole’s another one, Jay[-Z] as just as far as his ability to move and control the crowd. [Notorious] B.I.G., of course, with his griminess. I’ve got an element of that. Another artist that goes by the name Sho Baraka … there are some others, of course. OutKast, Trick Daddy, Geto Boys, but Ma$e is the one that made me want to get into it.

You’ve said the past three or four years is when you started going after your dreams. What was your day job before rap, if you don’t mind sharing?

At my last job I was a teacher. I was doing culinary arts, and I also subbed for history. I taught at a private school. So it was from K to senior year. Little kids to 18-year-olds.

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