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Entrepreneur Candace Spears explains the billion-dollar cost of misalignment

Tell us please, about the billion-dollar costs of misalignment and its effect on Black women.
You got billions of people, and if everyone was doing what they were meant to do, that alone would be massive shifts. When we talk about Black women and the fact that quite often, we tend to be — while we are like the largest in terms of labor force participation — in jobs that are lower-paying, service-related jobs, [etc.]. This amazing group of Black women all have and contain the same hopes, dreams, divine assignments, that are likely not yet doing what they’re supposed to do because there is simply a need to survive. So we just have this level of doing what needs to happen to survive, as opposed to being able to reach farther. Further is where this billion-dollar cost comes because the cost that we’re talking about is opportunity cost. It’s what’s happening with Black women and being in the need for just survival and getting by that we don’t have the space to dream and move forward to get what we really should be after.

Tell us a bit about your podcast.
“Ambition, Honey, and Hustle” is my podcast. It’s all about helping the professional to break out of that world and step into the things that excited them that may help them make a bigger-than-life impact. [It ranges from] business-related things all the way to like dealing with family, and dealing with mental [health]. There are so many different conversations with some folks that you’ve probably heard of, around their journey and their story from an entrepreneurial standpoint, and that moment, in particular in which they broke out. And for some, they haven’t yet broken out, so how do they balance it all. It can be found wherever you find a podcast.

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