Famous Amos, Black Chamber, team up to provide 3 $50K grants for Black businesses

What more information can you provide about the National Black Chamber Commerce and the resources the organization provides to Black businesses?

We created a system platform called the American Dream Marketplace, where you have everything that’s social media friendly. You can get a website, go in and make transactions, you can merchandise and promote and market your products. We also have resources and other types of partners that work with us such as Dell computers, it’s offering discounted small office, home office type of resources and services, not to mention many others that are there. Essentially, that’s what we were doing and how we were doing it.

What would you say is a grant-winning elevator pitch?

I will just add a little bit of background to that part of the application process is that you submit a video, it can be however long, and you can upload it to YouTube. … An elevator pitch [has] three core ingredients. And everybody should understand this. It’s pathos, logos and ethos. Those are the core elements of communication.

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