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Students Mya and Czaria share realities of queendom and importance of HBCUs

Photo courtesy of Mya Schofield

Meet two beautiful and graceful HBCU queens: Mya Schofield who serves as the 79th Miss Benedict College; and Czaria Reid, the 48th Miss Lincoln University.

They highlight the culture and importance of all HBCUs, the blunt realities of queendom, and share some important advice for aspiring queens.

Photo courtesy of Czaria Reid

What is it like juggling all of your responsibilities with the added task of serving your institutions?
Mya Schofield: It’s been a blessing but I will say it’s been kind of hard. Time management is a big thing as well as being able to prioritize and organize your day-to-day. It’s also important to delegate tasks. Honestly, if it really wasn’t for my sorority sisters and my king, it would be [overwhelming]. [I’m grateful] for the help that I have and my village to make this all possible and keep my sanity.

Czaria Reid: It’s a title that everybody wants but everybody cannot have. I work 24/7, representing my university to the best of my ability. It’s something that you have to be fully equipped for when you take on the job from the moment that you’re elected or coronation. We are blessed to have the opportunity and we are a different set of people because it takes a lot for somebody to take this on.

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