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Kevin Hart says racist scene in ‘True Story’ occurred in real life

Kevin Hart says racist scene in ‘True Story’ occurred in real life
Kevin Hart (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes teamed up for a new seven-episode action-packed drama on Netflix called “True Story” that debuted on the streamer this week. Hart and Snipes portray brothers Kid and Carlton respectively in the TV drama very loosely based on the comedian’s life.

Netflix explained that the show centers around a comedy show tour stop in Kid’s hometown of Philadelphia “that becomes a matter of life and death for one of the world’s most famous comedians when the consequences of a lost evening with his wayward older brother threaten to destroy everything he’s built.”

During one scene in the show, a White “fan” gets too comfortable with the comedian using the word “n—-” as they fly in first class. Hart told Insider that the scene was based off a real-life experience.

“No question about it,” Hart said confirming that the experience happened. “People get so comfortable with where they feel they can be with you because of what you do. And sometimes that line is just ignored. There is no boundary, and you have to find yourself being patient and chill, so you don’t come off like an a—hole. You have to be real cool [about] how to handle things and handle people because things can switch on you. So you find yourself always taking the higher road.”

Hart also compared the experiences and explained that it was about maintaining control and the movie was a chance for people to see some of the darker parts of fame that aren’t normally highlighted.

“It’s making people aware they are wrong, but doing it in the most professional way. And that’s what this scene was. It was a scene that showed Kid having control, but that’s Kevin in a small way, too,” the comedian told Insider.

Check the trailer below as Hart flexes his range in his first dramatic series alongside Wesley.


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